15 Mommy Time Games to Liven Up Your Children’s Party

Often forgotten jokes that cost nothing stir up any party, just get started

If you are one of those moms who like to party at home, you will also love this article about games. For everything to happen safely, make sure there is enough space for the kids.

1 – Dead or Alive

Age group: above 5 years old

Choose a leader. It is he who will give the instructions that must be obeyed by the players.

When you say, “Dead”, everyone will be in a crouch. And “alive” everyone will jump and stand.

The degree of difficulty depends on the speed and variation of command. The child who manages to stay until the end without making a mistake wins.

2 – Grab The Tail

Age group: over 6 years old

Divide the kids into two teams. Distribute pieces of cloth and ribbons identifying each team by color, attach to the waistband of each child’s pants.

In this game the children must run one after the other, whoever gets the most ribbons from the opposing team wins.

3 – Chair Dance

Age group: above 5 years old

Arrange the chairs in a circle or as a row with their backs facing each other. Put one less than the number of children. Put on a song to play, and stop at any time. Participants must be seated quickly. Whoever is left standing is lost.

4 – Balloon Dance

Age group: above 4 years old

Do pairs and without hands players must dance balancing a balloon between their foreheads. Whoever doesn’t let his balloon fall to the ground wins.

5 – Run Cotia

Age group: over 3 years old

Players make a wheel and choose a child who will be left out.

With a handkerchief or piece of fabric in his hands, he runs while the children sing, Run Cotia:

“Corre cotia

Na casa da tia

Corre cipó

Na casa da avó

Lencinho na mão

Caiu no chão

Mocinha bonita

Do meu coração”

In the middle of the song he drops the object behind one of the players, when he realizes he must get up and run after the other before he sits down in the vacant spot. If he is caught before reaching the empty seat he remains in the same position in the game.

Children playing tug of war - photo: wavebreakmedia/ShutterStock.com

6 – Tug of war

Age group: over 6 years old

Divide the children into two teams. Each team must hold the end of a rope. Mark out a line on the floor and tie a knot in the rope in the middle. Whoever can pull the other team to their side wins.

7 – Hot Potato

Age group: over 4 years old

The children form a circle and in the center a child is blindfolded. One of the players receives a ball and must pass it to the child beside it, while the object passes from hand to hand, they all sing: Hit it hot, hot, hot, hot… At any moment of the game, the blindfolded player shouts: Burned! Whoever keeps the object in hand loses.

8 – Pass Ring

Age group: above 4 years old

Children should have their palms together while an adult passes a ring from hand to hand. The child who can guess in which hand the ring was left wins. The child who gets it right will be the next ring passer.

9 – Statue

Age group: over 3 years old

Put on a song for the children to dance to. Someone stops the music and shouts “statue”.

Children must stay put. You can also ask an adult to play tricks. The child who moves last wins.

10 – Egg Race

Age group: above 7 years old

Before the race, set a starting point and a finishing point. Children must cross from one line to another holding the spoon on which the (boiled) egg is balanced. If the egg falls, the child must return to the starting point. Whoever arrives first without dropping the egg on the ground wins.

11 – Mime

Age group: over 6 years old

Divide children by team. Each child must represent some animal through mimes. The team that can hit the most, wins.

12 – Hopscotch

Age group: above 4 years old

Draw the diagram with chalk on the sidewalk or asphalt. The traditional layout is a large rectangle divided into ten smaller rectangles – the ‘little houses’ – numbered 1 to 10. At the top of the diagram, make a half-moon and write the word ‘Heaven’

Each child participates at once by throwing a “pebble” or other object. Whoever gets to “Heaven” first, wins.

13 – Treasure Hunt

Age group: over 6 years old

Establish teams according to the number of children. At least each team must contain 3 children. Write down clues on a piece of paper and spread them out in pre-defined areas, with each clue having to bring information so you can get to the next one.

You can create clues with a degree of difficulty according to the children’s age.

14 – A do le tá

Age group: above 4 years old

Participants sit in a circle and place their palms facing upwards so that the right hand of one member strikes the palm of the right hand of the member on the left. As soon as the member is touched, he/she should hit the palm of the next participant, and so on. The claps follow the syllables of the song:


Le peti

Tole tolá

Le café

Com chocolá


Puxa o rabo do tatu

Quem saiu foi tu!”

15 – Five Marys

Age group: above 5 years old

The game consists of throwing one of the bags up and catching another one on the floor, before the one that was thrown falls into your hand. It can be played in different ways with the idea that it gets harder and harder.

To encourage children to participate in the games, buy prizes to give to winners.

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