Myths and Facts in Breastfeeding

When it comes to feeding babies, many legends surround the thoughts of mothers who are breastfeeding.

The child fell and hit his head. Urgent emergency room?

It’s not always necessary. See what to watch out for and what action to take.

Spices Pregnant Women Should Not Consume Or Should Be Careful

There are those who adore strong spices, but when pregnant the woman will need to redouble certain care with spices, they will not harm the baby.

Blood Incompatibility in Pregnancy

Prenatal care is essential to avoid the risks of a pregnancy with blood incompatibility, especially in relation to the RH factor.

15 Mommy Time Games to Liven Up Your Children’s Party

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Growth and development phases that modify baby and child sleep

Your baby slept like an angel and suddenly changed from day to night? The problem with this can be a natural cause: the child’s development and growth. Your baby’s development…