Spices Pregnant Women Should Not Consume Or Should Be Careful

There are those who adore strong spices, but when pregnant the woman will need to redouble certain precautions with spices, they will not harm the baby, but the process of pregnancy as they cause several changes in your body.

  1. Salt – during pregnancy, there are many changes that occur in the woman’s body, one of them is retaining fluids, so ingesting too much salt can further aggravate this problem and even lead to an increase in blood pressure, which can cause pre-eclampsia.
  2. Ginger – a herbal food, but that pregnant women should only consume with medical authorization, for example those who take anticoagulants cannot consume it, and in addition, excessive consumption can induce premature births and cause abortions
  3. Pepper – it can aggravate symptoms that pregnant women usually already have such as: heartburn, reflux, slower bowel, can even cause irritation of hemorrhoids, especially late pregnancy.
  4. Laurel – The daily consumption of laurel, and above all the natural remedies that use it in its composition, are contraindicated for pregnant women, as they can encourage abortion.
  5. Cinnamon – If the woman suspects pregnancy should not drink cinnamon tea, since cinnamon causes small muscle contractions and triggers abortion, the ideal is not to consume cinnamon at all.
  6. Curry – use in moderation to avoid worsening digestive problems such as heartburn, reflux, stomach upset.
  7. Turmeric – in high doses it can have an abortive effect.
  8. Mint – it is a teratogenic plant, meaning it can damage the embryo or fetus in pregnancy.
  9. Nutmeg – can be abortive causes contractions
  10. Rosemary – it should also not be consumed mainly in the first two trimesters it can be abortive.
  11. Basil – can be abortive, causes contractions
  12. Oregano, – can be abortifacient causes contractions
  13. Thyme – can be abortifacient causes contractions – a substance called thujone, which can stimulate the uterus and cause miscarriages, or high blood pressure.
  14. Shoyu – Shoyu sauce is a food full of salt and coloring, pregnant women should not consume it, it is in industrialized food.
  15. Sazon – seasoning with monosodium glutamate, excess salt should not be consumed, processed food.

The pleasure of eating and health must go together at this time.

In any doubt, consult your doctor.

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